Spring Edit - Faux Flowers

Spring Edit - Faux Flowers

It feels as though we have only just entered the new year and yet here we are awaiting the arrival of Spring next week; a season which marks the beginning of longer days and bright blooms.
It is also the perfect time to breathe new life indoors with a beautiful arrangement of flowers; both fresh and artificial. 

Launching Country Interiors ahead of this season presented an opportunity to offer a range of artificial flowers and greenery to you. I have chosen a small selection of classic Hydrangeas, Tulips and Thistle in five timeless colours along with must have Eucalyptus Stems, all of which are beautifully made and perfect for styling as a new arrangement or integrating into an existing display.

There are endless ways to display artificial flowers which makes them a worthwhile investment for your home. Apart from the obvious classic vase, they also make a focal point when styled in natural baskets, trays or jute bags, tactically placed around the home to draw the eye and uplift a space.

Everlasting and versatile, there are no time limits or rules to how you display them.

Take a look at the beautiful flowers in the collection and some of the ways which they can be displayed.

1. Our round sea-grass basket filled with green hydrangeas, placed under a console table or next to an arm chair.

Sea-grass Basket: £24.00
Green Hydrangea Stems: £5.00

2. An arrangement of our beautiful large headed hydrangeas in Burgundy and White in a short round vase.

Burgundy Hydrangea Stem: £12.50
White Hydrangea Stem (Peach Hue): £12.50
Medium Apothecary Vase: £20.00

3. Again, here in one of sea-grass baskets, a beautiful combination of colour and texture.

Burgundy Hydrangea Stem: £12.50
Sea-grass Basket: £24.00

4. Classic tulips peeping out of one of our gorgeous Bee Kind jute bags. It looks lovely hung in a hall way or boot room. Practical? Probably not! But it certainly looks beautiful. 

Set of 3 Tulips: £11.00
Bee Kind Jute Bag: £10.00

5. A bunch of tulips in a mix of white and mauve, styled in one of our beautiful artisan vases, which is guaranteed to bring the essence of Spring into your home.

Set of 3 White Tulips: £11.00
Set of 3 Mauve Tulips: £11.00
Artisan Ribbed Vase: £17.50

Thank you for reading - I hope that it has inspired you to bring a little Spring into your home with faux flowers this season.


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